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                                                           John Dady                                                                                       Joe Dady 

TUNES BY THE TRACKS shrugs off the wintry weather, to highball it for a Wednesday, Feb 6th arrival at the library.
Your hermetically sealed hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins, are very pleased to welcome back our dear friends and Tracker favorites as Feature:


 Joe and John Dady," target="_blank">http/https/  are two consummate entertainers. Individually, they're terrific singers, and multi-instrumentalists. Together, they're all that and something more. Joe and John Dady personify live music in Rochester, the Finger Lakes, and far beyond.
They never fail to bring a lovely, intimate energy to every room they grace.
Us Trackers feel real lucky to count the boys as our great friends, and we're really looking forward to another delectable Dady dandy.

Come early and get a good seat. If the past is prologue...whatever that means...we're gonna have a full house, so no whining if yer tardy.


The hue and cry continues unabated...but...the Mystery Pickers are gonna play anyhow.
Covering a gamut of great songs, from lovely textured harmonies, story ballads of exotic islands, acapulco solos (that's when David sings unaccompanied), and test flights of original songs, our Mystery Pickers bring eclectic music to its knees.

We encourage and invite newbies... just let Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi) know, and KAZINGO... you too, can be shunned and ostracised by yer former friends and classmates.

  • Clifton Springs library," target="_blank">http/https/  
  • 4 Railroad Ave, Clifton Springs, NY 14432
  • Wed, Feb 6
  • 7pm - 9pm
  • FREE ($10.00 donation suggested for Feature and refreshments)


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                                                                             Gordon Munding 

TUNES BY THE TRACKS ...right on the caboose of last week's spectacular show, she's racing inbound, for a Wednesday, Jan 23rd arrival at the library.
Your harried, yet hospitable hosts, Jim Clare, and Cathy McGrath welcome back another familiar Feature:


Gordon Munding," target="_blank">http:// 
He may look boyish, but Gordie has been a voice in Rochester music for quite a while.
From upstate New York, Gordon is an accomplished Blues & Roots musician, who first made a name for himself as a singer/ songwriter in the late 80s. He then became known for his unique solo style on guitar which includes elements of Blues, Swing, and Bluegrass flavors.

In 2006 Gordon founded "Son House Blues Night" as a monthly tribute to the Delta Blues giant, (discovered, living in Rochester N.Y during the late 60s); During this time he also founded "The Crawdiddies" an acoustic roots band.

Gordon has opened for many touring artists, including: Doc Watson, John Hammond Jr and local blues legend Joe Beard.

Frank DeBlase, of Rochester's City Newspaper describes Munding's style as: "He dances across old National strings with red clay overtones in the swampy air. Crisscrossing with Appalachian, Bluegrass & Delta Blues, arising from the smoke of an impending collision" (City Newspaper 2004)

Gordon continues to enjoy performing at select venues, parties and festivals, and he also teaches Delta "Bottle Neck Slide Blues" and other guitar styles at workshops and schools.

We always have fun when Gordon features, so git yerself over to the library, on Wednesday, and have fun with us.


You's our good luck, that the pesky storm forced the pickers to reschedule their scheduled dogsled tour of Alaska, so they'll be on hand Wednesday to demontstrate once again, that great music is really and truly in the ear of the beholder.

If you wanna be a MYSTERY PICKER, now's the time... stop waffling and let Cathy or Jim (moi) know, and zippity doo'll be cavorting and caterwauling like a seasoned pro post haste.

TUNES BY THE TRACKS, Featuring JED CURRAN with Very Special Guest

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                                                                                  Jed Curran                                                                                          Loren Barrigar  

TUNES BY THE TRACKS rumbles into the new year, with Tracker favorites on board, for our opening show on Wednesday, Jan 16th.
Your hospitably hip hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are mightily pleased to welcome back a couple of our most favorites as Feature:

~ JED CURRAN with Very Special Guest ~

Jed Curran," target="_blank">http:/ is as comfortable as yer favorite slippers, with his easy rapport and original songs that lightly touch each of us.

As Astute Trackers guessed, Jed's special guest, is the splendiferous Loren Barrigar," target="_blank">http:/ 
Loren's instrumental virtuosity is matched only by his personal generosity.
Beyond his exquiste taste as an accompanist, Loren lifts the musicians who play with Jed, that lucky an even higher plane.

NOW HEAR THIS TRACKERS...This will be yer only chance to see our first show of 2019, so nacherly the good seats are goin' fast...

Indubitably, the dedicated daredevils have been diligently woodshedding over the holidays, so buckle up everybody...round and round we go, an where we stops...nobody nose.

Wanna be a Mystery Picker...??  Sidle up to Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi) and let us know. That's all yez need to do.


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TUNES BY THE TRACKS is chugging along...right on schedule for a Wednesday, Dec 19th arrival at the library, for our 10th Annual Christmas Concert.
It will be a very special evening.

Your highfalutin holiday hosts, Jim Clare and Allen Hopkins are so proud and pleased to present our co-host Cathy McGrath and the ladies of Cuisle Mo Chroi with their 10th Annual Christmas Concert:


We're bringing it all back home to the familiar comfort of the Big Room in the library for this anniversary concert.

We look forward all year to this confluence of lovely ladies, performing beautiful traditional songs on a variety of instruments, in ethereal three part harmony.
The Irishness of Cuisle Mo Chroi is unmistakable and irrepressible, even as the music carries us from the Emerald isle to Scotland, across England and France, to the Canadian maritimes, and of course, America. 

Cuisle Mo Chroi is widely loved for their compelling vocals, featuring delightful individual voices and intricate harmonies.  

The ladies also accompany themselves beautifully with an impressive array of instruments.


Cathy McGrath plays guitar, penny whistle, and flute.  

Pat Carey adds guitar, and penny whistle

Mary Lester is on Irish harp and bodhran.

This will be a festive winter evening to long remember...we hope that a holly jolly jumble of Trackers will join us for our 10th Annual Christmas Concert.


Yes holiday gala would be complete without the dulcet tones emanating from our own audience artists.  Words are inadequate to describe the feeling you'll have, when you're subjected to the eclectic effervescence of the Mystery Pickers.

We cordially invite you to give it a try...simply ask Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi)...and your name will be inscribed in the snow right alongside the hallowed heroes who preceded you.



  • Clifton Springs library
  • 4 Railroad Ave, Clifton Springs, NY 14432
  • Wed, Dec 19
  • 7pm - 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
  • FREE ($5.00 donation suggested for Feature and refreshements)


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                                                                   Jim Clare                                                                                    Allen Hopkins


TUNES BY THE TRACKS is chuffing up the line, for a Wednesday, Nov 21st arrival at the library.
The lovely and stalwart Cathy McGrath will be hosting the show single handedly, guessed it, Trackers...this is the annual show to Feature:


Jim Clare," target="_blank">http://  and Allen Hopkins, have been abusing folk music for a ridiculously long time...according to Allen's website, he has "30 years of Rochester folk" under his copious belt. Through the years, many folk luminaries have commented vigorously about the boys, yet still they persist.

We really do hope that many of you Trackers will join Allen, me, and our favorite co-host Cathy McGrath, to celebrate the sunset of our 9th year of TUNES BY THE TRACKS.
(Don't fret...Cathy and the ladies of Cuisle Mo Chroi will perform their annual Christmas concert on December 19th...:D)

Naturally with Jim & Allen, you can expect the customary tightly arranged, intricately rehearsed songs in a seamless set that will include old favorites, fan requests, a short hilarious anecdote or two, and perhaps a few original songs.


Yes indeedy...the second half of the evening will showcase the unique artistry of the notorious Mystery Pickers.

Wanna be a Mystery Picker??  Just ask Cathy, Allen, or Jim...and you will find yerself in the lineup to perform your favorite song, for the most kind and supportive audience you'll ever find anywhere.


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                                                                               Connie Deming

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is wending its way through the glorious autumn Finger Lakes countryside, for a Wednesday, Nov 7 arrival at Clifton Springs library.
Your wholly wholesome hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are happily thrilled to welcome a good friend and lovely lady as Feature:


Connie Deming," target="_blank">http://  is a celebrated singer songwriter, branded by Rochester NY's music critic, Jeff Spevak "the best pure singer in the city, a performer with Joni Mitchell clarity and electricity." Her recent CD, "Fly," is her 8th recording of original material and second project recorded in Dingle, Ireland with acclaimed guitarist, Gerry O'Beirne. Mother of a young man with autism, Connie captivates hearts in a uniquely deep way with her stories and exquisitely crafted songs.

Connie is so open and unassuming, that us Trackers like her instantly, and when she sings, it's just natural, to fall in love with Connie Deming.
It's gonna be a warm, wonderful evening, so get them leaves raked and piled, and we'll see yez at the library on Nov 7th.


You bet...the gallant gaggle of musical mayhem will commence after the break, and yet again, we'll be overwhelmingly underwhelmed by the stupendous things that our intrepid pickers do to music.
If you want to give it a's easy as pie...just let Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi) know, and we'll include you among the stalwarts who have become such an integral part of our evenings.


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       Alex Vine                                                                                                        Fred Vine

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is just over the horizon, and she'll pull into Clifton Springs library, on Wednesday, Oct 17th.
Your herbalicious hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are more than pleased to welcome back our favorite father and son Feature:


Fred and Alex Vine," target="_blank">http// , have that special synergy that only seems to appear in a father-son combo.
heir unique sound and diverse repertoire incorporates Americana, Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz and original compositions, and Fred and Alex play them all with style and panache.

Fred Vine is one of the best known Blues singers and acoustic guitarists in Upstate NY. 
A master of Piedmont finger-style and Delta bottleneck slide guitar, Fred is an outstanding traditional Blues player, who effortlessly segues into dazzling arrangements of Jazz, Ragtime and original tunes. In 2015, Fred was a featured artist in Geva Theater's presentation, "Journey to the Son: A Celebration of Son House", with John Mooney and recent Rochester Music Hall of Fame inductee Joe Beard. With a career spanning more than four decades, Fred has shared the stage with Muddy Waters, John Hammond Jr., Leon Russell, Dave Van Ronk and many others.

A multi-instrumentalist, the son also rises.
Alex Vine plays guitar, bass, mandolin and percussion. He also writes his own songs and has a unique singing style. In addition to performing with his father, Alex is a student majoring in music performance at Monroe Community College studying classical and jazz guitar as well as music theory. Alex plays with the honors jazz combo under Professor John Nyerges. Alex is also a founding member of the blues rock group, Access Indigo as well as the hip-hop fusion group known as Pine Needle Soul.

Their voices and musical visions blend with easy wit and rock solid musicianship, DA VINES are sure to entertain.


The second half of the evening is sure to be another whizz banger, with an effervescent gaggle of musicians...some of whom have just shared a stage with Paul Prestopino...stepping insouciantly into the limelight to flaunt the incredible style we've all learned to endure.

Wanna be a Mystery Picker??
Just advise Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi), and you too, will instantaneously become known throughout the land.

  • Clifton Springs library,
  • 4 Railroad Ave, Clifton Springs, NY 14432
  • Wed, Oct 17
  • 7pm - 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
  • FREE ($5.00 donation suggested for Feature and refreshments)


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                      Paul Prestopino and some other guy

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is inbound for a Wednesday, Oct 3 arrival at the Clifton Springs library.
Your habitually hospitable hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are thrilled, excited, and pleased to welcome a genuine Folk legend as Feature:


Paul," target="_blank">http:// is the guy we all know, but never knew we knew.

Paul is not just a fashion plate who sets the style for male sartorial elegance, he is the consummate sideman. Paul has provided the instrumental highlights on just about every stringed instrument that has showcased the records from the Folk royaty of our generation. When we listen to the iconic records from The Kingston Trio, Tom Paxton, John Denver, Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, Murray McGlachlan, Spanky McFarlane, Judy Collins...and many other folkie favorites with names too fierce to mention...the lead instrument and the hook that lingers in our ears, is often Paul Prestopino.

Here are some of Paul's recording credits, to tantalize us Trackers:" target="_blank">

...and the icing on the cake...Paul is an all round great guy with wonderful stories to tell, accompanied by one of the instruments that he played on the records we have in our collection, by Noel Stookey, or John Denver, or Chad Mitchell.
I really urge all you Trackers to get to this show. It's gonna be a very special, one of a kind evening, truly destined to be a treasure that all of us will cherish.

The best kept secret in folk music, will step once again into the limelight. They just keep getting better every time...and thank goodness for that...

  • Clifton Springs library," target="_blank">http/
  • 4 Railroad Ave, Clifton Springs, NY 14424
  • Wed, Oct 3
  • 7pm - 9pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
  • FREE ($10.00 donation suggested for Feature and refreshments)


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                                                                                              Andy Cohen

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is whinin' low, and inbound for a Wednesday, Sep 19
arrival at Clifton Springs library.
Your always amenable hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are delighted to welcome a new Tunes By the Tracks artist, with an old soul as our Feature:


Andy, has followed a long and winding road, on his musical journey and he's still rambling...
In his words:
"What I do mostly anymore, is a sort of Country Blues 101. It’s broader than that, of course, covering material from before the twenties to about the fifties, and ranging over the several states to which Memphis is adjacent. I grew up during the Sixties Revival in Massachusetts, but I’m a Southern boy at heart. I made a point of acquainting myself with all the blues players I could, on record and in person. In my shows, I do material by Reverend Davis, John Hurt, Big Bill, Gus Cannon, Frank Stokes, Memphis Minnie, Bukka White, Barbecue Bob, Charlie Patton, Ted Bogan, Henry Spaulding, and any of a hundred other blues people."

"People down here are serious about religion, and when they sing, you know they believe it. Street corner Gospel and spiritual players from a dozen different forms of Black and white worship add richness and gravity to Southern music. I do my best with it…"

"Being something of a picker, I’ve studied Reverend Gary Davis’ repertoire extensively. He was from western South Carolina, but lived in several places in North Carolina before coming to New York, finally and permanently. I regard him enough of a guru that I’ve issued one CD of his sacred songs and produced a tribute album to him. 

THE DOLCEOLA: A major purveyor of what historians call the ‘Social’ Gospel (think of Dr. King) was Washington Phillips. He made 78s back in the twenties, playing on a pair of zither-form contraptions called Celestephones. I play his music and a good deal more on a Schroeder-sized grand piano called a Dolceola, made in 1905. Carry it everywhere with me, wouldn’t leave home without it."


Of course...the second half of the evening will be festooned with music from our highly self-regarded gang of intrepid artists, who step boldy into the limelight, to perform one of their best songs.
We invite newbies to give it a go. To perform for a very supportive crowd, you need only buttonhole Cathy, Allen, or Jim (moi), and yer in like Flynn.


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                         Rebecca Colleen

TUNES BY THE TRACKS is right on schedule, for a Wednesday, Sep 5th arrival at Clifton Springs library. 
Your happening hosts, Jim Clare, Cathy McGrath, and Allen Hopkins are excited and pleased to welcome back our returning Feature:


Rebecca Colleen,  Just yesterday, she was the cute and precocious little girl, with the big red guitar and the grown-up voice, who could front a Bluegrass Band at the drop of a downbeat.  Well now, Becky has completed her studies at Hobart and William Smith, and she's embarked on developing a new career, in addition to the music business. 

Not to worry...Becky is still playing shows with the Chore Lads, and expanding her own considerable solo repertoire. 
We're still in her plans, and we really look forward to seeing Rebeca, hearing some favorites, and perhaps being introduced to some new songs from this lovely and talented young lady. 


Their fan base has exploded into double figures, so of course, we anticpate a wholly huge hoohah for the second half of the evening, when these scalawags take the stage.

Wanna be a Mystery Picker??  ...just buttonhole Cathy, Allen, or moi (me)...and slam bam...ala kazaam...there you is...!!